Are you tired of the yearly birthday party at a restaurant with friends? The cost of presents,  birthday cake, food and drink will see a few hundred dollars easily vanish into thin air. Six months later you will struggle to remember your party.  A karaoke party changes everything.  No matter how good or bad guests perform, everyone will remember the karaoke party.

Dooby’s Karaoke will provide entertainment for hours.  You can split the night up with individuals or groups singing or elect to have singers choose an era (e.g. the 70’s). Groups can compete and you can arrange a score card for each groups or individuals. Did you know singing releases endorphins—also known as “happy hormones”—into the body? That’s why they make you feel good. Add a large portion of giggling and laughter and just a few glasses of alcohol and you have the perfect recipe for awesome!

Tips For An Awesome Dooby’s Karaoke Party

  • Book Dooby’s for your party

  • Lasers, lighting and props—included with Dooby’s rentals

  • Break the ice with a professional Dooby’s KJ/Party Host. Their job is to make your event a success!

  • For Ages 18+ events, cocktails go great with karaoke. Some liquid courage can be just what a nervous singer needs to get up there.

  • Snacks

  • Prizes for best theme singers (e.g. 50s, 60s, 70s)

We’ll Even Host A